Big Matterhorn news!

Big Matterhorn News!

Matterhorn 1

Hey everyone,

We heard some great news a few weekends ago while we were at Disneyland… news that could be life changing for all you Matterhorn fans!  We went to ride the new, re-done Autopia ride in Tomorrowland.  

Autopia 2


When we got to the entrance, we were disappointed to find out that the ride was opened for just a few minutes, but then something went wrong so it had to be shut down for a while.  We asked the Cast Member if they would be offering fastpasses later in the day because the fast pass machine was shut off too…


To our surprise, he said that Autopia would no longer have fastpasses.  They are moving those machines over to the MATTERHORN!!

Matterhorn 3

We aren’t sure why it took so long for Matterhorn to offer a fast pass, especially after all the renovations on the ride they did not too long ago.  This is such a popular ride and the lines are always so long! So now we will have the opportunity to use fastpasses on another one of our favorites.  

Matterhorn 2

We are so excited about this news and we can’t wait to see how Disneyland plans to make this change!  We are also curious to see what the future holds for paper fast passes in the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks as there are rumors going around (That darn rumor mill!!)  that they will  be switching to something similar like Walt Disney World. 

Let us know what you think about this change or the potential for a new fast pass system.  We’d love to hear from you!

– The Disney Couple

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