Our Annual Christmas trip!



Our annual Christmas Trip

Christmas may have come and gone, but better late than never, right?

We have made it one of our Holiday traditions to take a 3 day trip to Disneyland the first week of December.  We like to go the week after thanksgiving every year for a couple of reasons.  Our son’s birthday is the original reason we started going.  And we found that this is one of the slowest weeks each year while they have the amazing Christmas decorations up. As it gets closer to Christmas, the crowd sizes multiply like crazy!

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Even though this is the busiest time of year for our family, there is no way we would miss this annual trip if we can help it.  Every time we step in those gates, our stress and the hustle and bustle disappears. Must be the Disney magic!  There is no way to describe the way that Disneyland makes you feel until you experience it yourself.  It’s one of those places that will never get old!  The sights and the smells will bring you back to your childhood visits and each time you go, there are so many more memories to be made.


That magic is infectious in all of the Disneyland guests.  On this past December trip, I could see the excitement in my daughter’s eyes when she saw Mickey Mouse and she is only a year old!  My four year old son could not wait to get on Peter pan (his FAV) and he couldn’t get in line fast enough.  This time, I saw a guest that was probably in his late 80’s and he had a 1st visit button on… the smile on his face was heartwarming.  You could just tell that he felt like a kid again as he walked off of the small world ride.  Age is just a number inside those park gates.



We were able to take our not-so-little-man on a lot of the big rides this past trip!! He was that little kid in the space mountain line that had zero fear! He got in the seat, pulled down the lap bar and hands went flying up and didn’t come down til the ride ended. So awesome!  A lot of the “big kid rides” as we call them have a height minimum of 40”.  All of a sudden, E is 43 inches tall! When did that happen?!  A few rides need 42 and 46 inches to ride, but he was able to go on most of the rides now.

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Considering the time of year, we were able to get so much of our “to do list” done this trip.  Every time we make a trip to DL, we decide on a couple things we want to do for sure, then whatever else we get done is the cherry on top.  Since we have passes and we only live about an hour and a half away, we are blessed enough to get to visit the parks fairly often.

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Even though we get to go a lot, the Disney magic has never dimmed.  If anything, we feel the magic stronger the more we go.  From the decorations, to the rides, characters and cast members—each of our visits is very different and very magical.  We can’t wait to see what magic is in store for next Christmas.  


And remember, always believe in the Magic

– The Disney Couple

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