Our First Post!

Hi Everyone!

It’s the Disney couple: Andres & Amanda.  We wanted to write our first post to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us.  We are a happily married couple of seven years (time flies!) and we have two kids under the age of 5.  Andres is a special education teacher and Amanda works in payroll.  We are both in grad school and work full time so add a young family to that mix and you can just imagine how busy we are every day.  So we came up with the idea of the Disney Couple blog and we thought, “Why not add another thing to our crazy schedule?!” ha! 


Luckily we both are head over heels for Disneyland and we love the parks and the characters, the food and everything associated with Disney.  We have been Passholders for three years now and we can’t seem to get to the parks enough! We try to do new things every time we visit because there is so much to do and so many great experiences to have.

Because we are avid travelers to the Happiest Place on Earth, we noticed that coworkers, family and friends have come to us with questions and asking for advice on different things about visiting Disneyland before their magical visit.  One of the biggest reasons we wanted to start this blog is to put all of our advice and past experiences in one place so everyone can use it.  We have gained a huge wealth of knowledge these past couple of years because we are researchers by nature and we want to share it.  We hope to give some advice that anyone who visits our site will benefit from.  Whether it’s your first time in the park with a baby, or your first time in the park without your kids, we want to be the ones you come to!


Our goal is to help make your trip the best one yet!  Feel free to email us with questions or requests for topics that you would like us to write about.  We are writing here for you, so we would love to hear from you! So shoot us an email or visit our instagram page and let us know what you think.

And remember, always believe in the Magic

– The Disney Couple




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